Sony GPS-CS1KASP Manuel d'utilisation

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Your computer does not recognize the unit.

Your computer may not properly recognize the unit because you
connected the unit and your computer with the USB cable before you
started your computer.
Disconnect the USB cable and restart your computer, then connect the
USB cable again.

The images are not displayed at the correct position (Tracking
error is large).

You may not apply the accurate position information to the images in
the following (page 12).

The clock setting of the camera is incorrect. You can change the date
and time of your images using “Picture Motion Browser”. Set the date
and time correctly, then match the images and the GPS log files again.
For details on changing date and time, refer to the help files of
“Picture Motion Browser”.

The setting of time adjustments (time zone or daylight saving time) is
incorrect. Using “GPS Image Tracker”, set the time adjustments of the
GPS log file correctly, then match the images and GPS log files again.
For details on the software, refer to the help files of “GPS Image

The GPS log file was not recorded when recording images.

There is a certain limitation to the accuracy of the position
information applied by “GPS Image Tracker” due to the following

This unit records position information every fifteen seconds. If you
have an image recorded at any moment other than when the unit
records your position, a rough position is estimated by calculation.

The GPS unit itself has tracking error. At locations surrounded by
tall buildings, etc. the tracking accuracy may deteriorate.