On carrying the unit – Sony GPS-CS1KASP Manuel d'utilisation

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Do not use/store the unit in the following places.

In an extremely hot, cold or humid place
In places such as in a car parked in the sun, the unit body may become
deformed and this may cause a malfunction.

In places near a heater
The unit may become discolored or deformed, and this may cause a

Near strong magnetic place

In sandy or dusty places
Be careful not to let sand or dust get into the unit. This may cause the
unit to malfunction, and in some cases this malfunction cannot be

Note on the bracket

When attaching the GPS unit to a bicycle or a motorcycle, be sure the
GPS unit does not interfere with the operation of the bicycle or the

Be sure not to operate the GPS unit while riding a bicycle or a

When you check the LED indicator on the GPS unit while riding a
bicycle or a motorcycle, be sure to stop operating the bicycle or the
motorcycle before checking the GPS unit.

Do not apply the bracket other than the handle.

Note on the armband

If using the armband causes skin irritation, stop using the armband

Be careful not to fasten the armband too tightly while using it. This may
interfere with the circulation of the blood.

Do not attach the armband to the parts other than the arm.

Note on the included items

Keep the included items out of the reach of children.

On carrying the unit

Do not sit on a chair etc., with the unit in the back pocket of your pants
or skirt, as this may cause malfunction or damage the unit.