Troubleshooting – Panasonic DVD-ROM CF-VDD283 Manuel d'utilisation

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The computer does not recognize the

DVD-ROM Drive Pack,

# Check the settings by following the instruc­

tions in '‘Installing / Removing a Device’'.

• Is the DVD-ROM Drive Pack properly

mounted in the multimedia pocket?

The MP indicator (^) does not light.

Is the disc loaded on the tray correctly?

Cannot play disc or read data from it.

Is the disc bent, scratched, or dirty?

Cannot eject disc.

Is the computer powered on?

To remove a disc when the computer is pow­
ered off, insert a sharp object such as the bent-
out tip of a paper clip into the emergency hole.

Pushing it completely to the end will free the

tray so that it can be pulled out.

Emergency Hole

A blue background appears on the screen
with the MPEG image.

Did you open the DVD-ROM drive or remove

the disc while it was operating?

Re-insert the disc and close the DVD-ROM

drive. Press (

Enter ^.

The disc tray does not close.

Did you touch the eject button when you close

the tray?