Specifications – Panasonic DVD-ROM CF-VDD283 Manuel d'utilisation

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Operating voltage range

DC 5 V ± 0.25 V


8x DVD-ROM Drive max. speed
24x/20x*' CD-ROM Drive max. speed


Data Capacity

4.7 GB(DVD-5), 8.5 GB(DVD-9), 9.4 GB(DVD-10)


Data transfer rate*^

88.64 Mbit/.s(10816 KB/s) 8x speed (Max.)

Access Time

220 ms (8x Speed, DVD-9, 1/3 Stroke*"*)


DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-R*^(3.95 GB,

4.7 GB). DVD-RAM*^*5 (2.6 GB, 4.7 GB)


Data Capacity

656 MB


Data transfer rate*“

3600 KB/s 24x speed (Max.)
3000 KB/s 20x .speed (Max.)*'

Access Time

135 ms (24x Speed, 1/3 Stroke*^)
138 ms (20x Speed, 1/3 Stroke*^)*'


CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-R*^ Photo CD, Video
CD, Enhanced Music CD, CD-RW*\ CD-TEXT

Cache memory

256 KB


Confonns to enhanced IDE (ATAPI) standard

Dimensions (width x depth x height)

130 mm x 150 mm x 23.7 mm

{5.1 " X 5.9 " X 0.9 "}


Approx. 270 g (0.6 Ib.}

Operating temperature /

Humidity range

5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F) /30 % RH to
80 % RH (no condensation)

*' When using CF-27 niodef.
*- If an unbalanced disc {i.e., a disc with which the balance has been displaced from the center) is inserted, the

speed may become slower if there are large vibrations while the disc is rotating.
Stroke: Indicates the amount of movement the lens (pickup) of the DVD-ROM Drive Pack must make in

order to read data.

*■* Read only.

In the case of DVD-RAM, only non-cartridge disks or removable cartridge disks can be used.




The region code has been set to the following ;


Set to ‘ I '.


Set to “2".

Use of another region code or alteration of the region code invalidates the warranty. For

more information, contact Panasonic Technical Support.

If commercially available DVD playback software asks you the region code, set to the fol­

lowing ;


Set to T’.


Set to ‘2 .