Using the dvd-rom drive pack, Installing / removing a device, Power-saving-mode – Panasonic DVD-ROM CF-VDD283 Manuel d'utilisation

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Using the DVD-ROM Drive Pack

Installing / Removing a Device

Refer to the Reference Manual included with your computer on how to install/remove the
DVD-ROM Drive Pack.





• Confirm the following contents in [Start] - [Settings) - [Control Panel) - [System] -

[Device Manager] - [CDROM] - [MATSHITA DVD-ROM

) - [Settings].

Make the settings if they have not yet been made.

• Add a check mark for [DMA].
• Set both [Start drive letter] and [End drive letter) in [Reserved drive letters) to [L:].

• Confirm that [Transfer Mode] is set to [DMA if available) in [Control Panel) - [Sys­

tem] - [Hardware] - [Device Manager) - [IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers] - [Secondary

IDE Channel] - [Advanced Settings] - [Device 0]. Perform this setting if it has not

yet been made.

When booting up from the FIRSTAID FD (for example, to reinstall the operating sys­
tem), the DVD-ROM Drive does not have to be replaced by the CD-ROM Drive (CF-
VCD271). The CD-ROM driver will recognize the DVD-ROM Drive.

<Using PC Cards>

If the PC Card does not work, there may be no interrupt request (IRQ) line available.

Deactivate unnecessary equipment using in Setup Utility.
A PC Card is required to play DVD-Video or MPEG2 files when using CF-27 model.
Separate application software is required to play DVD-Video or MPEG2 files when us­
ing CF-28 model.

The picture quality of a DVD depends on the DVD playback software.
Refer to the manual of separate DVD playback software.



If the DVD-ROM Drive Pack has not been accessed within 90 seconds, the drive motor will

automatically shut down to reduce the power consumption. When the DVD-ROM Drive

Pack is accessed once again, the power of the drive motor is turned on. However, approxi­

mately 30 seconds are required until data is actually read from the disc.