Usage precautions – Panasonic DVD-ROM CF-VDD283 Manuel d'utilisation

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Usage Precautions

• Do not place items other than discs on the tray.
• Do not leave the tray in the open position or touch the lens area. Should the lens

become soiled by dust or dirt, the unit may not read discs properly.

• Under some conditions, dust may build up on the optical lens or disc, possibly resulting in


• Do not apply excessive force to the tray in the open position, doing so could damage the


• Do not open the DVD-ROM drive or move the computer while the DVD-ROM drive is

being accessed. Doing so could cause it to malfunction. In addition, after running an
application involving access to a disc, do not open the DVD-ROM drive or remove the
disc until after the application has been closed.

• After closing the tray, do not attempt to access a disc until the MP indicator ((^) disap­


• Do not expose the DVD-ROM Drive Pack to oily or tobacco smoke. Doing so could

shorten the service life of the lens.

• Cleaning the DVD-ROM drive using a CD lens cleaner (except a liquid type cleaner) is

recommended if it malfunctions.

• Never insert foreign objects such as paper clips into the DVD-ROM Drive Pack.
• Do not use discs that have become deformed (warped, not completely round, etc.).
• The playback of CDs containing moving pictures (Video CDs, CDs including MPEG

data, etc.) may not be smooth.

• For AutoPlay CDs:

• If an AutoPlay CD does not start after the computer resumes from the standby or hiber­

nation mode, we recommend reinserting the CD again after a 15-second wait.

• An AutoPlay CD may start during the access of a file.

To avoid damaging discs:

• Do not touch the surface as it can cause the disc to become dirty or scratched.
• Do not allow discs to become dirty or scratched.
• Do not place or store discs in locations exposed to heat, direct sunlight, humidity or dust.

• Do not write on the surface of the disc with a bail-point pen or other writing instrument.
• if the disc is brought from a cold into a warm environment, moisture may form on the disc.

Wipe this moisture off with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth before using the disc.

• Do not drop, bend, or place heavy objects on top of discs.
• Cleaning the disc using a CD cleaner is recommended once every 2 or 3 months.

If the disc gets dirty

After wiping the disc with a moist, soft
cloth, wipe it with a dry cloth. Always
wipe from the center toward the edge.