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ving images with an e


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Saving images on an

external media device

You can save movies and photos on an

external media device (USB storage

devices), such as an external hard disk

drive. You can also play back images on the

camcorder or another playback device.


For this operation, you need the USB Adaptor

Cable VMC-UAM1 (sold separately).

The USB Adaptor Cable VMC-UAM1 may not

be available in some countries/regions.

Connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall

socket) using the supplied AC Adaptor (p. 17).

Refer to the instruction manual supplied with

the external media device.


You can import images saved on the external

media device to your computer by using the

supplied software “PMB.”

Functions available after saving images

on an external media device

playback of images through the camcorder

(p. 55)

importing images to “PMB”

Devices that cannot be used as an

external media device

You cannot use the following devices as an

external media device.

media devices with a capacity exceeding 2 TB

ordinary disc drive such as CD or DVD drive

media devices connected via a USB hub

media devices with built-in USB hub

card reader


You may not be able to use external media

devices with a code function.

The FAT file system is available for your

camcorder. If the storage medium of the

external device was formatted for the NTFS file

system, etc., format the external media device

using the camcorder before use. The format

screen appears when an external media device

is connected to your camcorder. Make sure that

important data has not previously been saved

on the external media device before you format

it using the camcorder.

Operation is not assured with every device

satisfying requirements for operating.

For details on available external media devices,

go to the Sony support website in your



Connect the AC Adaptor and the
power cord (mains lead) to the
DC IN jack of your camcorder and
the wall outlet (wall socket).


If the external medium device
has the AC power cable, connect
it to the wall outlet (wall socket).


Connect the USB Adaptor Cable
to the external media device.


Connect the USB Adaptor Cable
to the  (USB) jack of your

Make sure not to disconnect the USB

cable while [Preparing image database

file. Please wait.] is displayed on the

LCD screen. If [Repair Img. DB F.] is

displayed on the camcorder screen,



USB Adaptor



(sold separately)

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