The viewfinder – Sony NEX-VG20H Manuel d'utilisation

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In the default setting, the screen display changes to the simple display after about 4 seconds ([Display

Setting]). The display changes to the detailed display when you touch anywhere on the screen except the

buttons on the LCD screen so that you can use items.

The viewfinder

When you record while viewing through the viewfinder, close the LCD panel, or press

FINDER/LCD (p. 76). If the indications in the viewfinder appear blurred, adjust the

viewfinder lens adjustment lever located beneath the viewfinder.


You may see colors (red, blue, green) shimmering in the viewfinder when you move your line of sight.

This is not a malfunction. The shimmering colors will not be recorded on the memory card.


You can adjust the brightness of the viewfinder backlight from [VF Brightness].

about 4 sec


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