Step 4: attaching the lens – Sony NEX-VG20H Manuel d'utilisation

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Step 4: Attaching the lens

This manual explains how to attach a lens using the E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS lens that

comes with NEX-VG20H (the lens is attached to the camcorder at the time of purchase).

If you use another lens, refer to the instruction manual supplied with that lens.


This switch prevents the lens cylinder from being extended by its own weight when it is being

transported, etc. Turn the zoom ring back toward the W-end, and slide the switch toward  to lock it. To

unlock it, set the switch to the original position.


Do not touch or dirty the lens contacts.

Remove the body cap from the camcorder body and the packaging lid from
the rear of the lens.

Front lens cap

Zoom lock switch


Rear lens cap

Zoom ring

Focal-length scale

Hood index

Focal-length index

Focusing ring

Mounting index

Lens contacts


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