Sony NEX-VG20H Manuel d'utilisation

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About this manual, illustrations and

on-screen displays

The example images used in this manual for

illustration purposes are captured using a

digital still camera, and therefore may appear

different from images and screen indicators that

actually appear on your camcorder. And, the

illustrations of your camcorder and its screen

indication are exaggerated or simplified for


In this manual, the DVD disc recorded with

high definition image quality (HD) is called

AVCHD recording disc.

Design and specifications of your camcorder

and accessories are subject to change without


Notes on use

Do not do any of the following. Otherwise,

the memory card may be damaged, recorded

images may be impossible to play back or may

be lost, or other malfunctions could occur.

ejecting the memory card when the access

lamp (p. 30) is lit or flashing

removing the battery pack or AC Adaptor

from the camcorder, or applying mechanical

shock or vibration to the camcorder when the

(Movie)/ (Photo) lamps (p. 33) or the

access lamp (p. 30) are lit or flashing

When using a shoulder belt (sold separately), do

not crash the camcorder against an object.

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