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Replacement of Parts/Specifications

Replacement of Parts

Rubber gasket set
Replace gaskets if they crack, lose their pliancy
or, for any other reasons which allow steam to
escape from between the container and the lid

Mesh filter
Replace the filter, if foreign materials which
clogging the filter cannot be removed, even after
scrubbing with a cleaning brush, etc.

The filter can be
removed by pulling
firmly on it.

Lid cover

Remove gaskets

Consumable parts are available from an
authorized dealer.

Part name

Part No.

Rubber gasket set


Mesh filter


Remove lid, unscrew 3 tapping screws and
remove the lid cover.
Exchange the gaskets and then place the lid
cover back and secure with the tapping screws.





Power supply

120 V a.c.

Power consumption

700 W

Average power consumption in
keeping warm (approx.)
Amount of water: maximum

temperature: 68ºF (20°C)

at 208

49 Wh

45 Wh

40 Wh

at 190

43 Wh

39 Wh

33 Wh

at 180

35 Wh

31 Wh

27 Wh

at 140

23 Wh

21 Wh

18 Wh

(when the handle is tilted)

Height (approx.) 12.8 in (32.4 cm) 10.8 in (27.5 cm)

9.4 in (23.8 cm)

Width (approx.)

8.5 in (21.7 cm)

8.5 in (21.7 cm)

8.5 in (21.7 cm)

Depth (approx.)

11.3 in (28.7 cm) 11.3 in (28.7 cm) 11.3 in (28.7 cm)

Weight (including power cord) (approx.)

4.6 lb (2.1 kg)

4.4 lb (2.0 kg)

4.2 lb (1.9 kg)

Rated capacity (approx.)

4.2 qt (4.0 L)

3.2 qt (3.0 L)

2.3 qt (2.2 L)

* Under certain conditions, such as at very hight altitudes and in intense cold, the unit may not function properly.
Please avoid using in such conditions.
* If the unit is not being used in cold conditions, make sure to empty it of water. The water left in the inner
container may freeze causing damage.

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