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Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance

Before cleaning, be sure to disconnect the plug from
outlet, dispense water and allow to cool the unit.

Main unit and lid

Do not wet or soak the main unit in water.

If water enters the main unit from the bottom or from the dispensing

spout, it can also get into the electrical components in the main unit

and may cause a malfunction.

Do not use detergents.

Do not use benzine or thinner.

(They may leave an odor.)

(They may damage the surface.)

Clean with a damp, well-wrung cloth.

Inner container

Do not use polishing

powder, a scrub brush

or a nylon brush.

They may damage the fluororesin

finish of the inner container.

Clean with a wet sponge.

Clean the inner container using
citric acid. (See P.21)

About "Scale"
While you are using this unit, minerals
contained in the water (like calcium) can get
stuck on the inner comtainer or on the mesh
filter. This is called "scale", and it is harmless.

Milky-white gritty surface (caused by calcium)

White or glittering floating material

(crystals of minerals)

Discoloration in the finish like dark brown,

gray, or green areas
(metallic ion made on the fluororesin covering)

These are not discoloration or corrosion of
the inner container itself, nor are they flakes
from the fluororesin covering.

Mesh filter

When filter is clogged, water does not flow
* After cleaning the filter, be sure to

reattach it to the inner container.

Clean the filter with a brush.

When storing the unit

Dry it thoroughly.

Put it into a plastic bag and seal the bag.

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