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Convenient use methods

The keep-warm temperature or the timer can be set

while the water is being boiled or being kept warm.

After power is restored in the event of a power failure,

the keep-warm temperature will be automatically set
to 190, even if the timer or the "208", 180" or "140"
keep-warm function was previously selected.


Convenient use methods

When the unit will not be used
for a short time, such as when
you go out for a day...

Setting the 6h timer

While setting the timer, the

electrification of heater stops



It is ideal to use 180 keep-warm

for making green tea.

It is ideal to use 140 keep-warm

for preparing milk for a baby.
Be sure to leave milk to cool
down or mix it with cool boiled
water before giving it to a baby.


It is ideal to use boiling

water for making coffee /
tea / instant cup noodles etc.

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