Attaching the video flasi to a camcorder, See figure h]), Using the video flash – Sony HVL-F10 Manuel d'utilisation

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LANG control cable

Câble de contrôle LANG

CLANG control jack
Prise de contrôle CLANG

VMC-LM7 adaptor
(not supplied)
Adaptateur VMC-LM7
(non fourni)



Light exposure meter

Attaching the video flasi

to a camcorder

(See Figure H])

1 Turn the knob of the video flash

counterclockwise to loosen.

2 Attach the video flash to the camcorder I

sliding the video flash forward to set it
firmly in the camcorder accessory shoe. E
sure to position the flashing section of tl
unit facing the front.

3 Turn the knob clockwise to tighten.
4 Connect the LANG cable.

[using camcoder with a LANG jack |

Connect the video flash LANG cable to th
camcoder CLANG control jack.

I Using bCR-rcio]

Connect as the illustration.

Using the video flash

(See Figure Q)

The DCR-PCIO/PCIOE is used here for illustration
purpose. Please refer to the Operation Manual of
your camcorder for detailed camcorder operation

1 Press the camcorder FOCUS button lightly

2 While pressing the camcorder small greer

button on the POWER switch, set it to
PHOTO. Two beeps sound.

3 Set the video flash POWER switch to ON.

The video flash starts charging. It takes more tha
seconds for it to charge completely. The battery
charge complete mark ^ appears in the camcoro
viewfinder and display window.

4 Point the camcorder to the subject and

adjust the focus.