Sony PRSA-CL1 Manuel d'utilisation

Cover with light

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PRSA-CL1 4-106-647-11(1)

PRSA-CL1 4-106-647-11(1)


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User’s Guide
Guide de l’utilisateur



Cover with Light


Owner’s Record

The model number is located on the upper part of the battery case, and the serial
number is located inside the battery compartment. Record them in the space provided
below. Refer to these numbers in the spaces whenever you call upon your Sony dealer
regarding this product.
Model No. ____________________________
Serial No. ____________________________


• This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two

conditions: (1)this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2)this device must

accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired


• You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual

could void your authority to operate this equipment.

Before use

Before using this cover, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future
reference. See also the manuals provided with the Reader.
The Sony PRSA-CL1 is the cover for the Sony PRS-505 Portable Reader System.

How to use


Remove any currently attached soft cover on the Reader (this includes the soft
cover that is supplied with the PRS-505 or any optional soft cover).
For details on removing the soft cover, see the User’s Guide of the Reader.


Open the cover of the battery case.
Push the mark to slide the cover of the battery case, then remove the cover.


Insert two size AAA batteries (supplied), and close the cover of the battery
Match the

 on the batteries to the  in the battery case.


• Do not mix an old battery with a new one, or mix different battery types.
• If you do not use the cover for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid

damage from battery leakage and corrosion.

• Replace batteries with new batteries when the panel light loses its brightness.


Attach the cover to the Reader.

 Insert tab  of the cover in hole  of the Reader.
 Pull the tab of the cover towards .
 Insert the Reader in the direction of  to attach it to the cover.
 Check that the tabs of the cover are completely inserted in the holes of the



• The panel of the cover

 cannot be folded back beyond the position show in the

above figure, though the cover can be folded. If you fold back the panel forcefully, the

panel may be damaged.


Set the panel on the right side.


Slide the power switch to the (small) or (large) mark.
The panel lights up.
The brightness of the panel can be set to one of 2 levels.

(Standard): The panel lights up.

(High): The panel lights up brighter than when the power switch is set to


: Small mark


: Large mark



• If the batteries are running low, the difference in brightness between (High) and

(Standard) may be lost.

To turn off the panel

Slide the power switch to OFF.

If the panel comes off

Follow the steps below to attach the panel to the cover.

 Insert tab  of the cover in hole  of the panel.
 Pull the tab of the cover towards .
 Insert the panel in the direction of  to attach it to the cover.
 Check that the tabs of the cover are completely inserted in the holes of the panel.

To remove the cover

Pull the tab of the cover towards

, and then remove the Reader in the direction of .


• Do not remove the cover from the Reader with the panel resting on the display of the

Reader. The panel may be damaged. Remove the cover with the panel resting on the left



Panel brightness control

2 levels

Battery life

2 × LR03 (size AAA) batteries,
Maximum 38 hours *


(at Standard panel brightness)



The time above may differ depending on ambient temperature or the status of use.

Operating temperature

41˚F to 95˚F (5˚C to 35˚C)


Approx. 7




Ч 6 Ч




inches (w/h/d)

(Approx. 185 Ч 151 Ч 24 mm)

Weight (battery included)

Approx. 8.47 oz. (240 g)

Supplied accessories

LR03 (size AAA) batteries (2)
User’s Guide (1)

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Notes on use

• Do not place the unit in locations that are:

– Extremely hot or cold

– Dusty or dirty

– Very humid

– Vibrating

– Strong magnetic fields

– Sandy

– Exposed to direct sunlight

• Do not apply mechanical shock or drop the unit.

• Be sure that nothing metallic comes into contact with the metal parts of this unit. If this

happens, a short circuit may occur and the unit may be damaged.

• Always keep the metal contacts clean.

• Do not disassemble or convert the unit.

• While the unit is in use, it gets warm. This is normal.

• Keep the unit away from TV or AM receivers, as it may disturb reception.

• To prevent possibly damaging the Reader, make sure that there is no dirt or dust inside the

cover or the Reader before use. If necessary, wipe the cover or the Reader with a soft cloth,

such as a cleaning cloth for eyeglasses.

On cleaning
Clean the unit with a soft dry cloth, or a soft cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent

solution. Do not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol or benzine, which may damage the

If you have any questions about this product:
For customers in the USA:


Sony Portable Reader System Support Center at 1-(866)-962-7669
For customers in Canada:


Sony Support Center 1-877-899-7669