Sony CSS-FEB Manuel d'utilisation

Page 24

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You cannot print images

Printing is canceled

You cannot insert the date or
print images in the index

“---- -- --” is printed on the
date-inserted part

The CHARGE lamps light
up when no camera is placed
on the Cyber-shot Station


• The camera is not connect to the printer.

t Check that the camera and the printer

are properly connected using the USB

• The printer is not turned on.

t Turn on the printer.

For further infomation, refer to the
operating instructions supplied with the

• Movies cannot be printed.
• Images modified with a computer or images

shot using other than this camera may not
be able to be printed.

• You disconnected the USB cable before the

mark disappears.

• You removed the camera from the Cyber-shot

Station before the

mark disappears.

• The printer does not provide these


t Consult with the printer manufacturer

whether the printer provides these
functions or not.

• The date may not be inserted in the index

mode, depending on the printer.

t Consult with the printer manufacturer.

• The recording date data is not recorded on

the image.

t The images that do not have the

recording date data cannot be printed
with the date inserted. Set [Date] to [Off]
and print the image.

• You have pressed the Control button (in the

order of v/b/V/B and ) when the
camera was placed on the Cyber-shot
Station, and now the Cyber-shot Station is
in the demonstration mode.

t To cancel the demonstration mode,

discconect the AC adaptor once and
connect it again. Alternatively, place the
camera on the Cyber-shot Station again.

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