Connecting to a pictbridge compliant printer – Sony CSS-FEB Manuel d'utilisation

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Connecting to a PictBridge compliant

Even if you do not have a computer, you can easily print images shot using your
camera by connecting the camera directly or via Cyber-shot Station to a
PictBridge compliant printer.

• The available print functions may differ depending on the printer.
• Using the AC adaptor is recommended to prevent the power from turning off

partway through printing.


Insert the “Memory Stick” with the images you want to copy into the

– You must use either the AC adaptor (AC-LS5/LS5B) comes with the

Cyber-shot, or an optional AC adaptor (AC-LS5).


Place the camera on the Cyber-shot Station.


Turn on the camera.


You can turn the camera on either by pressing POWER button or rotating
the lens portion for DSC-F88. For further details, see the operating
instructions supplied with the camera.

POWER button

POWER button


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