Troubleshooting, Symptom remedy (not a malfunction), E-21 – Sharp FP-N60CX Manuel d'utilisation

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Before calling for repair, please review the list below, since the problem may not be a unit malfunction.


REMEDY (not a malfunction)

The Remote Control does not


• Have the batteries been depleted?
• Are the batteries inserted correctly?
• Is a fluorescent lighting in the room flickering due to service

life? (Refer to E-7,E-11)

Odors and smoke are not re-


• Clean the filters if they appear to be heavily soiled.

(Refer to E-16,E-17)

The CLEAN-SIGN Light lights

green even when the air is im-


• Is the opening of the odor sensor blocked or the sensor filter

clogged? (Refer to E-18)

• The air could be impure at the time the unit was plugged in.

(Refer to E-9)

The CLEAN-SIGN Light lights

orange or red even when the air

is clean

• Is the sensor filter dirty or clogged?

The sensitivity of the sensor becomes unstable when the open-
ing of the dust sensor is dirty or is clogged.
Remove dust from the sensor filter. (Refer to E-18)

• When in Clean Mode ( or Ion Control Mode), the Plasmaclus-

ter Indicator Light color will not change.

A clicking or ticking sound is

heard from the unit

• Clicking sound is emitted when the unit is in the Ion Control

If the sound is irritating, set the unit away from you.

• Ticking sound is emitted when the unit is generating ions.

If the sound is irritating, such as when sleeping, set the unit
away from you.

A ticking sound is sometimes

heard from the unit and is not

sometimes heard.

• A sound is sometime low, loud or not at all, but the effect of the

Plasmacluster ion is the same.

The discharged air has an

aroma or odor.

• Check to see if the filters are heavily soiled.

Care the Washable Active Carbon Filter or replace filters.
(Refer to E-16,E-19)

• Check to see if the Washable Active Carbon Filter is dried thor-

oughly after cleaning it.

• Very low concentration of ozone generated by the

Plasmacluster ion

generator may have a odor.

This is harmless and will not affect the human body. Also, the
ozone will break down quickly and will not accumulate in the
room environment.


The Plasmacluster Indicator

Light remains green (blue) and

does not change

The unit does not operate when

cigarette smoke is in the air.

• Is the unit installed in a location that is difficult for the sensors

to detect cigarette smoke?

• Are the odor or dust sensor openings blocked or clogged?

(In this case, clean the openings.) (Refer to E-18)

The Filter Indicator Light re-

mains activated even after

washing or replacing filter.

• After cleaning or replacing filters, connect the power cord to

an outlet and press the Filter Reset Button on the main unit or
on the remote control. (Refer to E-17)

The Plasmacluster Indicator

Light or the CLEAN-SIGN Light

will not activate.

• Check to see if the Display OFF Mode on the Remote Control

is selected. If so, then press the Display ON/OFF Button on
the Remote Control to activate the indicator light.
(Refer to E-15)