Harbor Freight Tools 93808 Manuel d'utilisation

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Disconnect battery pack from tool or place the switch in the locked or off
position before making any adjustments, changing accessories
, or storing
the tool.
Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the tool


Store idle tools out of reach of children and other untrained persons. Tools are
dangerous in the hands of untrained users.


When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal objects like:
paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws, or other small metal objects that can
make a connection from one terminal to another.
Shorting the battery terminals
together may cause sparks, burns, or a fire.


Maintain tools with care. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly maintained
tools with sharp cutting edge are less likely to bind and are easier to control.


Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts, and
any other condition that may affect the tool’s operation. If damaged, have the
tool serviced before using
. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained tools.


Use only accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer for your
. Accessories that may be suitable for one tool may create a risk of injury
when used on another tool.



Tool service must be performed only by qualified repair personnel. Service or
maintenance performed by unqualified personnel may result in a risk of injury.


When servicing a tool, use only identical replacement parts. Follow instructions
in the Maintenance section of this manual.
Use of unauthorized parts or failure to
follow Maintenance Instructions may create a risk of shock or injury.