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( Installation )

Ei Connecting Procedures
The signal cable connections differ depending What computer you are using. When connecting
to an IBM PC or PC compatible, and when connecting to an Apple computer, connect as shown

below. When connectirtg to any other system, please refer to that system's operating manual.

1. Please read these PanaSync E50 Operating Instructions thoroughly before installing the


2. Before connecting to a computer, always turn the computer power OFF.

3. If the computer to be connected is an IBM compatible computer, connect the other end of

the video cable attached to the E50 monitor to the computer video output connector.

4. If you are using a Macintosh, please use a UNIMAC-82D Universal Mac Adapter that your

dealer can supply. (If your dealer has not supplied you a UNIMAC-82D then call 1-800-

PANASYS to obtain one.) Connect the UNIMAC-82D Adapter to the Macintosh video out­

put connector following the ir^structions supplied with the UNIMAC-82D. Then attach the
other end of the accessory video cable permanently attached to the E50 monitor to the
other side of the UNIMAC-82D attached to the Macintosh.

5. Connect the supplied E50 AC Power Cord to the E50 CEE 22 connector on the back of

the E50 and plug the other end directly into a grounded electrical outlet.

6. Turn the E50 monitor power switch ON by pressing it once, The monitor’s power indicator

will light Green or Amber (See Page 10 for details).

7. Turn the computer power switch ON.

8. After booting (the PC/Mac power-up sequence and initialization) the Power LED on the

monitor should be Green. If not, check the connectors and the trouble-shooting section of
these Operating Instructions.

9. Referring to these Operating Instructions (See Page 9 for details), set your desired settings.

10. When you done using the monitor, turn OFF the monitor by pressing the monitor’s Power

Switch by pressing it once. The Power LED will darken.

The cable connectors must be securely fastened with the screws provided to prevent
accidental disconnection.