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( Features )

The PanaSync E50 is a "15 inch CRT/13.7 inch viewable image size multi-scanning color CRT
display with the following features:

1) Fine Dot Pitch Flat Square Cathode Ray Tube

Flat Square CRT with 0.27 mm Dot Pitch for sharp images and comfortable viewing.

2) Windows 95 Plug & Play ready

VESA Display Data Channel (DDC) 1/2B (See Page 15) Permits the E50 to automatically
run at a high refresh rate using Windows 95 Plug & Play.

3) Ergonomic Design

• MPR-n Low Emission Design
■ Silica Anti-Glare and Anti-Static Coating
• Easy to use Up-front controls
■ Removable Till & Swivel stand Pans 90° to the right and left and tilts 13’ up and 4" down.

4) Power Saving

Built in Energy Star compliant Power Mar;agement System (See Page 10) based upon
Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) Display Power Management Signaling


5) Factory Preset arxi User Memories (See Pages 11 & 12)

• 1 Factory Preset (Precise Setting)
• 6 Factory Reservations (Rough Settings)
• 7 User Memory-modes for your own settings

6) Multi-scan with digital techmiogy

8 bit micro-computer controls the ESO’s operation with a wide range of hlorizontal (30 to
61 kHz) and Vertical (50 to 120 Hz) scanning frequencies.

7) LED Control Mode Indicators

Simplified LED Control Mode indicators (See Page 9) show which control mode you have
selected. The LED will flash if the Horizontal or Vertical signal is outside of the specified

8) Self-Test Mode

The Self Test Mode is activated by pressing the Select Key (See Page 9). it the Signal
Cable (See Page 8) is not connected or there is no video output from the computer due

to it being in a power saving mode, the monitor will enter the Self Test Mode. The Self-

Test mode checks if the monitor is working and displays a bright white screen if it is OK.

9) Superb display performance

• High Brightness

• Minimized distortion
• Full-scan images for graphics

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