Precautions ), 1) installation, 3) product care – Panasonic PanaSync E50 Manuel d'utilisation

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( Precautions )

1) Installation

* Install the monitor in a well ventilated place. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight, a heater,

or any other heal source. Heat will adversely affect the cabinet and the parts inside.

* Do not place monitor on anything flammable.
* Position the display unit so that the holes in the cabinet will not be blocked during use.
' Keep the display unit away form the kitchen, bathroom, washing machine or other sources

of exposure to water, steam or moisture.

* In order to use the display unit safety, use only the supplied AC line cord. The AC line cord

must be used with a properly grounded and polarized power supply socket. The AC line

cord supplied with the display unit is for the USA (UL) and Canada {CSA). For use in other
countries, make sure the AC line cord meets the safety standards of the country.

* Use only Panasonic provided accessories or the exact equivalent.

2) Usage

- Pulling on the AC line cord or VGA Signal Cable can damage the monitor arxf can cause

the unit to fall and possibly cause personal injury.

• Receiving trouble

If there is a television set or other display unit nearby, keep your display unit as far away

from it as possibile. Mutual interference can cause image distortion or noise.

' Long exposure to rubber or vinyl products can stain the cabinet.
• Keep the monitor and from physical shock when moving. Be careful of the CRT. Be sure

to disconnect the AC line cord ar>d the VGA Signal Cable from the monitor before moving
the nrwnitor.

■ Do not place anything on the monitor.
■ Also take good care of the power cable:

Do not place any objects on the power cable. Do not attempt to extend, shorten, or tie it
into a knot. Place the AC tine cord where it will not be subject to stress.

3) Product Care

* Prior to cleaning your monitor, disconnect the AC line cord from the properly polarized

and grounded socket, disconnect the other end of the AC line cord from the monitor.

Then disconnect the VGA Signal Cable from the computer.

• Use a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean the outside of the monitor or the CRT surface. If the

monitor or CRT surface is very dirty, wet a clean, soft, cloth with neutral detergent (such

as dishwashing detergent) and water, squeeze it tight until almost dry, wipe the monitor
or CRT surface with it, and finish by wiping with a clean dry cloth. Do not use any

' Do not rub or strike the CRT with anything hard or harsh as this may scratch, mar or dam­

age the CRT permanently.

' Do not use a chemical duster or polish-cleaner because it can adversely affect the unit

and peal the pairrt coat.