Preface, Features, Precautions – Panasonic WX-T3020 Manuel d'utilisation

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Order Taker WX-T3020 is exclusively designed for Panasonic Wireless Communication System, which is used with drive-thru
menu boards, etc. By using optional Headset WX-H3027, users can communicate with other store personnel and customers.


• This Order Taker can be used with Center Module WX-C3010.

• 1.9 GHz DECT* is used with this Order Taker to prevent the interference from microwave ovens or wireless LAN used with

2.4 GHz DECT.
*Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

• Manager mode

It is possible to set the manager mode to one of the Order Takers registered in the center module. A person using this Order
Taker has the priority of communication.

• It is possible to select Direct Lane or A/B Lane according to double-drive-thru layouts.

• It is possible to select the Talk-Lock or Press-To-Talk mode.

• It is possible to select the Page-Lock or Press-To-Page mode.


• Use only Battery WX-B3030.
• Follow the instructions of battery for care and handling.
• In combination with this product, refer to Battery Charger WX-Z3040 Operating Instructions.
• To prevent damages, unplug Headset WX-H3027 from Order Taker WX-T3020 when storing these products.
• Use the headset with the earphone pad attached. Otherwise, voice may become distorted or you may have difficulty in hear-

ing the voice.

• Turn off the Order Taker when not in use, in order to save the battery life.
• Do not use this product if you use an implanted electric medical equipment. That may cause the equipment to malfunction.