Auto-talk-lock setup (for only one headset) – Panasonic WX-T3020 Manuel d'utilisation

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Auto-Talk-Lock setup (for only

one Headset)

For a Order Taker where Auto-Talk-Lock is set up, it has a
function to select [Talk] automatically when the vehicle
detector has become active, and you can talk with the cus-
tomer at the menu board.

1. Confirm that the dip switch 1 of the headset is ON, the

dip switch 2 is set at the objective lane, and the power
of the headset is OFF.

2. Turn on the Order Taker. The message "Hello Headset

**" (** is the number of headset) is output from the
speaker of the headset, and the power indicator blinks
green and red alternately for 3 seconds. While the indi-
cator is blinking, press the T1 or T2 button. (LANE A: T1
button, LANE B: T2 button) Auto-Talk-Lock will be set
up, The message "Auto-Talk-Lock ON" is heard from the
speaker of the headset. When the T1 or T2 button is not
pressed, the Order Taker assumes an ordinary opera-
tion mode.

3. In the case of a failure in Auto-Talk-Lock setup, a voice

of [Failed] is heard from the speaker of the headset. In
this case, the same procedures should be followed from
Step 1 again.

Note: If the power of the Order Taker is turned OFF, all the

setting conditions for Auto-Talk-Lock will be canceled.
This setting should be carried out without fail when the
power supply is started up.