Id registration, Deletion of id – Panasonic WX-T3020 Manuel d'utilisation

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SW#8: This switch selects RF Power.

ON: Reduce Power
OFF: Full power

ID Registration

1. Press the ID Registration button of the center module for

2 seconds or more. The system is changed to the ID
Registration mode.

2. While holding down the T1 and T2 buttons simultaneous-

ly, hold down the power button to turn on the Order
Taker. The Order Taker enters the ID Registration setting
mode where the indicators and buttons have different
functions than in normal operation. You will hear "ID
Registration Mode" and the power indicator will blink yel-

3. Press the T1 button, the Order Taker searches for the

center module. You can hear "Connecting center mod-
ule A" and the lane Indicator will blink yellow.

* Press the T2 button (at double-drive-thru), for other cen-

ter modules. You can hear "Connecting center module
B" and the lane indicator will blink green.

When the ID Registration succeeds, you will hear
"Registration Complete" and the headset number, and
the power indicator stops blinking and stays on.

4. When IDs are registered on all Order Takers, press the

ID Registration button of the center module, ID registra-
tion mode is completed. The power indicator of the
Order Taker will change from yellow to green.


• If ID registration fails, a warning sounds "beep" and then

you will hear a voice prompt say "Failed". If registration
fails, the ID is not registered and the "Power" indicator
blinks red.
If this happens, turn off the power and try registering

• All-in-One Headset or Order Taker that can register in

one center module is up to 32.

If you register IDs exceeding 32, the unused ID that has
been registered is automatically deleted in chronological

• If ID registration is performed for 2 or more headsets,

follow the steps 2-4 individually.

Deletion of ID

To delete the registered ID of Order Taker follow the steps

1. Hold down the POWER button for more than 2 seconds

to turn off the power of Order Taker.

2. To delete an ID that is registered for LANE A, keep

pressing the T1 and C buttons simultaneously and start
up the power of Order Taker.
To delete an ID that is registered for LANE B, keep
pressing the T2 and C buttons simultaneously and start
up the power of Order Taker. The power indicator then
blinks in yellow.

3. Press the P button while the power indicator keeps blink-

ing in yellow. The ID that is registered for LANE A (or
LANE B) is deleted.

4. The power indicator turns to blinking in red. A message of

“ID is not registered” is heard from the Order Taker

Power on.

Keep holding down.

Keep holding down.
(Lane A)

Keep holding down.
(Lane B)