Troubleshooting, Situation, Solution – Keurig B155 Manuel d'utilisation

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Brewer does not

have power

Brewer will not brew


Plug Brewer into an independent outlet.

Check to be sure that it is plugged in securely.

Plug into a different outlet.

Reset your home’s circuit breaker if necessary.

Make sure that the Power Switch has been

turned on and LCD Display is illuminated.

After placing the K-Cup


pack in the K-Cup


Pack Holder, make sure the Handle is pushed
down securely and the LCD Control Center reads
“READY TO BREW” with the BREW Button
flashing, then press the BREW Button.

The Exit Needle may be clogged (refer to

page 16).

LCD Messages
• If the water reservoir is empty and needs to be

refilled, the LCD Screen will direct you to “Lift
Water Reservoir, Fill Water Reservoir, Replace
Water Reservoir” with slideshow of images.
Follow these instructions.

• In pour-over mode, if the water flow has been

interrupted, the LCD screen will state “Water
Flow Interrupted. To Reset, Please Lift and
Remove Water Reservoir”. When reservoir has
been removed screen states “If necessary,
please fill water reservoir to Max Fill line.
Then replace”. Follow these instructions.

• If the messages persist after following these
instructions, contact Customer Service at
1.866.901.BREW (2739).


Chlorine or mineral

taste in coffee

Brewing a partial cup

The time is not

displayed on the LCD

Message Center

Brewer shuts

off or turns on



Consider using bottled water,filtered water, or the


Water Filter Starter Kit

(available at

The Exit Needle may be clogged (refer to page 16).

Clean the K-Cup


Pack Holder assembly if necessary

and rinse under faucet (refer to pages 15-16).

The Water Reservoir may have been removed

during brewing. Replace the Water Reservoir
and perform a water brew without a K-Cup



“De-Scale” the Brewer (refer to pages 16-17).

If you have repeated the de-scale procedure on

your Brewer two times and it is still only brewing
a partial cup, contact Customer Service at
1.866.901.BREW (2739).

The time will not be displayed on the LCD

unless you have set it. To set the clock, follow
the procedure on page 12.

If power is interrupted to the Brewer, you will

need to set the clock again using the procedure
on page 12.

Check to make sure that the Auto Off timer

and/or On/Off time features have not been set.
To do this, press the MENU Button below
“MENU” and scroll through the programming
options. “OFF” should be displayed for Auto Off
timer and On/Off. If “OFF” is not displayed,
follow directions on pages 13-14 to reset.

If any problems persist, contact Customer Service at 1.866.901.BREW (2739)