Keurig B40 Manuel d'utilisation

Keurig, Let the magic begin fast, Quick start guide

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Part #: 60-200258-034
Revision A, April 2005

Premium Coffee Systems

Premium Coffee Systems



1. Unpacking the Elite - Model

B40 Brewer

a. Carefully remove the Brewer by placing the box

on its side, and pulling the Brewer out of the box
and removing the protective materials.

b. Place the Brewer upright on a flat surface. Remove

three pieces of adhesive tape from Brewer.

c. Unwrap cord and plug Brewer into a grounded


2. Priming

a. Press Power Button to turn the Brewer on and

the green light next to the Power Button will
become illuminated.

b. The blue light next to ‘ADD WATER’ will be

illuminated. Remove the Water Reservoir from
Brewer by first removing Lid from Reservoir,
then lifting Reservoir straight up and away from
Brewer. Rinse and fill with cold water. Replace
the Water Reservoir back on the Brewer and
replace the Lid.

c. Place a cup or mug on the Drip Tray Plate.
d. The red light next to ‘DE-SCALE’ on the LED

Control Center will flash to indicate that the
Brewer is in its initial PRIME sequence. This light
will continue to flash until the PRIME sequence
is complete.

e. The green light above the Brew Button will flash.

If it is not flashing, ensure that the handle is
pressed all the way down. Press the Brew Button
to start the initial PRIME.

f. The Brewer will automatically fill (priming it) and

then the water will be heated. This will take about
3 minutes. During the heating period, the red
light next to 'HEATING' will become illuminated.
When the water is heated, the red light will turn
off and the green light above the Brew Button
will flash.

g. Press the Brew Button to start a cleansing brew,

during which hot water will flow into your cup or
mug. Pour the hot water into the sink.

h. The Brewer may take 15 seconds to reheat

between brews and the red light next to ‘HEATING’
will be illuminated. During this time the pump
may cause a vibration noise. This is normal. The
red light will turn off when the water has heated
and the Brewer is ready.

i. The one-time priming process is now complete

and you are ready to brew!

3. Choose

a. Place a cup or mug on the Drip Tray Plate.
b. Select a K-Cup


portion pack.

Do not remove the foil lid.

4. Brew

a. Lift the Handle, place the K-Cup in the K-Cup

Holder Assembly and then push the Handle all
the way down to puncture the K-Cup.
Please be careful to avoid the sharp needles in
the K-Cup Assembly Housing & Lid.

b. Press the Brew Button located below the flashing

green light. This will yield a 7.25 oz serving. If
the green light is not flashing, be sure the handle
is all the way down.

Quick Start Guide

Let the Magic Begin FAST!

Thank you for purchasing a Keurig


Elite - Model B40 Gourmet Single Cup Home

Brewing System.

IMPORTANT: You cannot use your Keurig brewer until it has been primed for its first use
as set forth below. Please follow these easy steps and you will discover what Deliciously

truly means.

Please note, if your Brewer has been exposed to temperatures below freezing, it is recommended you
allow two hours for an unpacked brewer to warm to room temperature before priming or brew


Please consult the Use & Care Guide for additional information on your Brewer. If you
are experiencing problems, contact Customer Service at 1-866-901-BREW (2739).

© 2005 Keurig Incorporated

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