Warning – John Deere SA AC-9 Manuel d'utilisation

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Wet/Dry Vac Operator's Manual


1. Please observe the following precautions while using the Wet/Dry Vac.

a. Do not place any object in the Wet/Dry Vac openings. Ensure all

openings remain unobstructed and free of lint, hair, dust or

anything which may reduce air flow.

b. Aggressive solvents or detergents should not be used. DO NOT

operate the unit if you see any foam/liquid leaking from the

machine. DO NOT resume operation until the unit has been

inspected and repaired by a qualified service person.

c. If the equipment should overturn, it is recommended that the Wet/

Dry Vac be placed upright before turning it off.

2. While holding the Flexible Hose, move the On/Off Switch to the "ON"


3. Move the Wet/Dry Floor Tool slowly across the surface you wish to clean.

4. Wet Pickup Application:

a. As the Canister fills, the float will begin to rise. The function of the

float is to stop suction when the tank is full or if the Wet/Dry Vac

should accidently overturn. When the Canister is full, turn the

On/Off Switch to the "OFF" position and disconnect the Power Cord

from the receptacle.

b. Remove the Canister Lid and empty any debris from the


5. Dry Pickup Application:

a. If using a paper filter bag, remove and replace with a new paper

filter bag.

b. If not using a paper filter bag, tilt the Wet/Dry Vac to empty the


NOTE: Ensure all materials are disposed of according to State and Federal

EPA Standards.

6. Replace the Canister Lid and plug the Power Cord back into the grounded


7. Turn the On/Off Switch to "ON" to resume operation.

1. When cleaning application is completed, turn the On/Off Switch to the "OFF"


2. Disconnect the Power Cord from the receptacle.
3. Roll up the disconnected Power Cord and place it on the designated area

of the Wet/Dry Vac.

4. Remove the Canister Lid and empty the Canister.
5. Rinse the Canister and allow to air dry.
6. Pull the Wet/Dry Filter off of the Canister Lid.

a. Wet-Filter Cleaning: Rinse with warm water and shake clean. Allow to

air dry completely.

b. Dry-Filter Cleaning: Shake filter clean. Occasionally rinse with warm

water. Allow to air dry completely.

7. Place the dry filter back onto the Canister Lid.
8. Wipe down the exterior of the Wet/Dry Vac and store indoors.



Do not yank on any cord to