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Page 5: Warning, Do not, Mportant safety information grounding instructions

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Improper use of the ground­
ing plug can result In a risk of
electrtoal shock.

This appliance must be
grounded. In the event of an
electrical short circuit,
grounding reduces the risk of
electric shock by providing an
escape wire for the electric

This appliance is equipped with

a power cord having a
grounding wire wHh a
grounding plug. The plug must
be plugged into an outlet that Is
properly insiatied and

Consult a qualified electrician

or service technician if the
grounding Instructions are not
completely understood, or if
doubt exists as to wiieBier the
appliance is properly

If the outlet is a standard 2-
prong wall outlet, It Is your
persona! responsibility and
obligation to have it replaced

with a properly grounded 3-
prong wall outlet.

For best operation, plug this
appliance into its own electrical
outlet to prevent flickering of
lights, blowing of fuse or

tripping of circuit breaker.

Do not

under any

circumstances cut or remove

the third (ground) prong from
the power cord.

Do not

use an adapter plug

with this appliance.

Do not

use an extension cord

with this appliance. If the power
cord is too short, have a
qualified electrician or service
technician install an outlet near
the appliance.


• Select a location with a
strong, leva! floor.

»Allow 5 Inches of space
betweer? the back of the appli­
ance and any adjacent wail.

* Avoid direct sunlight and
heat. Direct sunlight may
affect the acrylic coating, heat
sources nearby will causa
higher electricity consumption-


• Use this appliance out­
doors: This appliance is
intersded for household use

only. Do not attempt to operate

or store this appliance out­

* Build this appliance

into an enolosurer.This appli­
ance is designed for a free­
standing application only and
Is not intended to be “bulit-in*.