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To Charge the Battery Pack

Charging by Attaching the Battery Pack to This

See illustration □

1 Connect the power cord to a wall outlet.
2 Install the battery pack.

Align the end surface of the battery pack shown by the T mark to the
edge of the terminal shutter of this unit, then fit and slide the battery
pack in the direction of the arrow.
The CHARGE lamp (orange) will light and charging will begin.

When the CHARGE lamp goes out, normal charge is completed



For a full charge, which allows you to use the battery longer than

usual, leave the battery pack in place for approximately one hour



Remove the battery pack when required. It can be used even if the charging
is not completed.

To remove the battery pack

Slide it in the direction opposite to the arrow in the illustration 0.

Charging time

The following table shows the charging time for the battery pack which is
discharged completely.

Battery pack




Charging time

225 (165)

390 (330)

555 (495)

• Approximate minutes to charge an empty battery pack fully

(Full charge).

• Numbers in parentheses indicate the time when you charge normally

(Normal charge).

• To'ascertain the battery life, refer to the instruction manual of the video

equipment which you use.

• The charging time may differ depending on the condition of the battery

pack or the temperature of the environment.


• When a fully charged battery pack is installed, the CHARGE lamp will

once light, then go out.

• The CHARGE lamp may blink when charging a battery pack which is not

used for a long time period.

• The following events may happen, if there is a battery pack on the unit. In

that case, please contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service
- The CHARGE lamp keeps blinking or does not light.

- Your camera does not work with a full-charged battery pack.

• You can insert the power cord connector into the terminal of this unit

regardless of the shape of the terminal.