Notes on using the cyber-shot station – Sony CSS-TNA Manuel d'utilisation

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Notes on using the Cyber-shot Station

Refer to the operating instructions for your camera as well as this manual.

The Cyber-shot Station is not a dust-proofed, moist-proofed, or water proofed product.

About the Adaptor plate:
• Three types of Adaptor plates are included with the Cyber-shot Station. By changing the

Adaptor plates, the Cyber-shot Station allows you to attach three types of cameras.

• Be sure to attach the designated Adaptor plate before using the Cyber-shot Station, or it may

damage the multi connector.

• All the Cyber-shot Station images illustrate the Adaptor plate for DSC-N1.

About the remote control:
• There are buttons that are only compatible with the DSC-N1 digital still camera on the supplied

remote control.

For DSC-N1 users:
• While the camera is set to “Housing

”, the buttons on the remote control operates different

from the normal functions. For further details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with
the camera.

Do not use or keep the Cyber-shot Station in locations subject to the following conditions:
• Locations with extremes of temperature

The temperature in closed automobiles during summer may be extremely hot, causing
deformation or malfunction of the Cyber-shot Station.

• Locations under direct sunlight or near heaters

This may cause deformation or a malfunction of the Cyber-shot Station.

• Locations subject to vibration
• Locations subject to strong magnetism

• Use the nearest wall outlet to get the AC Adaptor plugged in. If any malfunctions occur using

the product, unplug the AC Adaptor to cut off the power source.

• The set is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is connected to the

wall outlet, even if the set itself has been turned off.

• Do not use the AC Adaptor placed in a narrow space, such as between a wall and furniture.
• Do not use the Cyber-shot Station in locations that are subject to strong radio waves or radiation.

Images may not be played back properly.

• Avoid other metalic objects to contact with the connecting parts of the Cyber-shot Station and

the power cord. It may cause a short circuit.

• Recording contents cannot be compensated for if playback is not possible due to damaged

“Memory Stick Duo”, a malfunction of your camera or the Cyber-shot Station, etc.

• Do not attempt to connect the supplied USB cable to the multi connector on the bottom of the

camera. It may cause a malfunction due to the damage of the multi connector.

• The screw hole on the bottom of the Cyber-shot Station is for retail display only.

Image back/Image forward buttons (



These buttons are only compatible with the
DSC-N1 digital still camera.
These buttons cannot be used with other