Charging the battery pack – Sony CSS-TNA Manuel d'utilisation

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Charging temperature
The temperature range for charging is 0 °C
to +40 °C (+32 °F to +104 °F). However, to
provide maximum battery efficiency, the
recommended temperature range when
charging is +10 °C to +30 °C (+50 °F to
+86 °F).

On battery life
• The battery life is limited. Battery capacity

decreases little by little as you use it more
and more, and as time passes. If the battery
operating time seems shortened
considerably, a probable cause is that the
battery pack has reached the end of its life.
Buy a new battery pack.

• The battery life varies according to how it is

stored and the operating conditions and
environment in which each battery pack is

Charging the battery

Place the camera with the battery pack
inserted on the Cyber-shot Station.
Charging starts automatically. The CHARGE
lamps of the Cyber-shot Station light up.


Recording and playback time with Normal
charge is approximately 90% of Full charge.

• The CHARGE lamps light up from the left.
• The battery level will be displayed in three

levels on the CHARGE lamps of the Cyber-
shot Station while charging the battery pack.
When charging is completed (Full charge),
the CHARGE lamps go off.
After the battery pack is completely used, the
full-charge time of the battery pack is
approximately 230 minutes with the DSC-
N1, and 160 minutes with the DSC-T9 and
the DSC-T5 at the temperature of +25 °C
(+77 °F). It may take longer to charge,
depending on the charging condition and
– When the camera is turned on, the Cyber-

shot Station stops charging the battery.

• It may take a few seconds to indicate an

accurate battery level.

• In case of the CHARGE lamps fail to light or

blink, refer to “Troubleshooting”.

Battery level: LOW

Battery level: MIDDLE

Battery level: HIGH

(Normal charge)