Panasonic EUR646464 Manuel d'utilisation

Panasonic, How to use the remote control transmitter

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How to use the remote

control transmitter


This remote control cen be used to operate the receiver you

purchased and some other Panasonic and Technics compact

cassette decks, CO changers (and CO ptayers). TVs. VCRs and

DVD ptayers. provided they are equipped with a remote control


It is also possible to change-over the remote control code so that

the remote control transmitter can operate TVs and VCRs which

have not been manufactured by this company.

Preparations before use

« For an explanation on how to set up your remote control and

precautions, see *Concemirtg the remote corttroT In the mstnjction
manual that came with your receiver.

• For details on operatirtg other equipment, see the instruction

manual provided with the specific unN.




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