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Storing and receiving stations


When tuning in stations while driving, use Best
Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an accident.

Storing automatically — BTM


Press (SOURCE/OFF) repeatedly until
“TUNER” appears.
To change the band, press (MODE)
repeatedly. You can select from FM1, FM2,
FM3, AM1 or AM2.


Press and hold the select button.
The setup display appears.


Rotate the control dial until “BTM”
appears, then press it.
The unit stores stations in order of frequency
on the number buttons.
A beep sounds when the setting is stored.

Storing manually


While receiving the station that you
want to store, press and hold a
number button (
(1) to (6)) until
“MEM” or “MEMORY” appears.

If you try to store another station on the same number
button, the previously stored station will be replaced.

Receiving the stored stations


Select the band, then press a number
button (
(1) to (6)).

Tuning automatically


Select the band, then press (SEEK) +/–
to search for the station.
Scanning stops when the unit receives a
station. Repeat this procedure until the
desired station is received.

If you know the frequency of the station you want to
listen to, press and hold
(SEEK) +/ to locate the
approximate frequency, then press
(SEEK) +/
repeatedly to fine adjust to the desired frequency
(manual tuning).



FM stations with Radio Data System (RDS)
service send inaudible digital information along
with the regular radio program signal.

Display items

Example: CDX-GT350MP

* While receiving the RDS station, “ *” is displayed on

the left of the frequency indication.

To change display items, press (DSPL).

RDS services

This unit automatically provides RDS services as

Depending on the country/region, not all RDS

functions may be available.

RDS will not work if the signal strength is too weak,

or if the station you are tuned to is not transmitting
RDS data.

Selecting PTY


Press (PTY) during FM reception.

Example: CDX-GT350MP

The current program type name appears if the
station is transmitting PTY data.


Rotate the control dial until the
desired program type appears, then
press it.
The unit starts to search for a station
broadcasting the selected program type.

PTY (Program Types)

Displays the currently received program type.
Also searches your selected program type.

CT (Clock Time)

The CT data from the RDS transmission sets
the clock.

Program service name, Clock,
Frequency*, Preset number

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