Sony PRS-700BC Manuel d'utilisation


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PRS-700 4-130-435-11(1)

PRS-700 4-130-435-11(1)

©2008 Sony Corporation Printed in China

4-130-435-11 (1)


Note on browsing PDF documents

using the Reader

Your Reader provides the ability to display most text
based PDF documents in five font sizes: Small (S),
Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) and Double
Extra Large (XXL). By default, documents are
displayed in their original layout when viewed in the
Small (S) size.
By tapping a size icon in the size menu panel (that can
be displayed by pressing the (Size) button), the text
font size within documents can be increased and
reflowed to improve readability.
Due to the complex nature of PDF documents, in
certain situations when viewing in these increased
sizes, only text will appear as some tables and graphics
may be reformatted and altered during the reflow
Also, in cases where PDF documents are created
using image files, there is in fact, no text to reflow or

In these cases, if retaining the original layout of your
PDF document is required, it is recommended to view
in Small (S) size to retain the original formatting.
While viewing in Small (S) size, one option to improve
readability is to switch the screen orientation from
vertical to horizontal. To switch the screen orientation,
press the OPTION button, and then tap “Orientation” in
the Option menu.
The other option is to view the page while zoomed in.
To zoom in a page, tap “ Zoom In” in the size menu


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