Precautions – Sony XVM-B62 Manuel d'utilisation

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To avoid the risk of serious injury or
accident, read the following
precautions before installing and
operating the unit.

On safety

Comply with your local traffic rules and

• While driving, the driver must not

watch or operate the monitor. It may
lead to distraction and cause an
Park the car in a safe place when the
driver watch and operate the monitor.

Watching video pictures

The video pictures appear only after
you park the car and set the parking
When the car starts moving, the
video pictures automatically
disappear after displaying the
following caution.

Do not operate equipment connected
to the monitor or watch the monitor
while driving.

The caution above appears only
when the monitor is installed on the

• After installing

- Take care not to bump your head

against the unit when getting up
from the back seat.

- Do not leave the monitor under

direct sunlight for a long period of

On installation

• Installing this unit requires technical

This unit should be installed by a
qualified technician or service

• If you try to install this unit by

yourself, do it properly, referring to
the installation and wiring diagrams
in this operating manual. Improper
installation may result in fire or
electric shock.

• Before installation, be sure to turn the

ignition switch to the OFF position or
take the key out. Installing this unit
with the ignition on may cause battery
drain or a short circuit.

• Do not damage any pipes, tubes, the

fuel tank or electric wiring when
installing this unit. This can cause a
fire. If you drill a hole in car panels,
make sure that any hidden car parts
will not be damaged.

• Do not use any nuts or bolts for safety

devices such as steering linkage, fuel
supply or braking systems. This can
cause a fire or an accident.

• Take care to prevent cords and wires

from getting tangled or crimped in the
moving portion of a seat rail.