Warning, Welcome, 2welcome – Sony XVM-B62 Manuel d'utilisation

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Thank you for purchasing the Sony
Mobile Monitor.

• PAL or NTSC color system compatible
• Wide, Zoom, and Full screen modes

available, in addition to the normal
screen mode.

• The low reflection liquid crystal panel

reduces the glare from outside lighting

• Adjustable brightness control,

according to lighting conditions

• Backlight dimmer control produces

sharp contrast image, free from
reversed or blurred colors.

• 2 Video inputs are provided for

connecting a video player and video


For the customers in the United
This product contains mercury.
Disposal of this product may be
regulated if sold in the United States.
For disposal or recycling information,
please contact your local authorities or
the Electronics Industries Alliance

Warning if your car’s ignition has no
ACC position
After turning the ignition off, be sure to press

(POWER) to turn off the unit.
Otherwise, the display does not turn off and
this causes battery drain.