Environmental information – Canon PIXMA MX535 Manuel d'utilisation

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collecte des déchets, le plan DEEE approuvé ou le service d'enlèvement des ordures ménagères. Pour
plus d'informations sur le dépôt et le recyclage des produits DEEE, consultez le site www.canon-

(EEE : Norvège, Islande et Liechtenstein)

Environmental Information

Reducing your environmental impact while saving money

Power Consumption and Activation Time

The amount of electricity a device consumes depends on the way the device is used. This product is
designed and set in a way to allow you to reduce your electricity costs. After the last print it switches to
Ready Mode. In this mode it can print again immediately if required. If the product is not used for a time,
the device switches to its Power Save Mode. The devices consume less power (Watt) in these modes.
If you wish to set a longer Activation Time or would like to completely deactivate the Power Save Mode,
please consider that this device may then only switch to a lower energy level after a longer period of
time or not at all.
Canon does not recommend extending the Activation Times from the optimum ones set as default.

Energy Star


The Energy Star


programme is a voluntary scheme to promote the development and purchase of

energy efficient models, which help to minimise environmental impact.
Products which meet the stringent requirements of the Energy Star


programme for both environmental

benefits and the amount of energy consumption will carry the Energy Star


logo accordingly.

Paper types

This product can be used to print on both recycled and virgin paper (certified to an environmental
stewardship scheme), which complies with EN12281 or a similar quality standard. In addition it can
support printing on media down to a weight of 64g/m


, lighter paper means less resources used and a

lower environmental footprint for your printing needs.