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Main Features

Main Features



Economy use

Boiling with diamond fluorine and BINCHO charcoal.

Particles of diamond and ground BINCHO charcoal are

mixed with fluorine and used for inner container. Color,

taste and aroma of tea can be maintained.

Healthy tea mode

(How to use, refer to P.19)

Boiled water is alkalified, and promotes easy extraction

of tea component such as catechin.

Hot water is dispensed in 4 levels

(How to use, refer to P.17)

Dispense volume of hot water varies depending on

degree of pressing and dispensing time.

4 Timer selections

4 / 6 / 8 / 10 hour Timer can be selected.

(See "Setting the timer" on P.19)

Energy saving

Heater is controlled to suit the purpose of use. Power is

saved automatically by only boiling during dispensing

hours and cutting the heater at all other times.

3 Keep-warm temperature


208 / 190 / 180 keep-warm temperature

can be selected.

(See "Keep-warm function" on P.19)

U-VIP Keep-warm

The heat insulator maintains the hot water temperature,

saving electricity.

Cordless dispensing of hot water

(How to use, refer to P.17)

Hot water can be dispensed even if cord is removed

or during a power failure/interruption.

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