Pioneer DEH-P670MP Manuel d'utilisation

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Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.

Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate

your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man-

ual in a safe place for future reference.

Before You Start
Information to User 6
For Canadian model 6
About this unit 6
About this manual 6
After-sales service for Pioneer products 7
Product registration 7
Features 7
About WMA 8
About the SAT RADIO READY mark 8
Protecting your unit from theft 8

 Removing the front panel 9

 Attaching the front panel 9

About the demo mode 9

 Reverse mode 9

 Feature demo 9

Use and care of the remote control 10

 Installing the battery 10

 Using the remote control 10

About the operation mode 10

Whats What
Head unit 11
Remote control 12

Basic Operations
Turning the unit on 13
Selecting a source 13
Loading a disc 13
Adjusting the volume 14
Turning the unit off 14

Listening to the radio 15
Introduction of advanced tuner

operation 16

Storing and recalling broadcast

frequencies 16

Tuning in strong signals 16

Storing the strongest broadcast

frequencies 17

Built-in CD Player
Playing a CD 18
Introduction of advanced built-in CD player

operation 18

Repeating play 18
Playing tracks in a random order 19
Scanning tracks of a CD 19
Pausing CD playback 19
Using compression and BMX 20
Selecting the search method 20
Searching every 10 tracks in the current

disc 20

Using disc title functions 20

 Entering disc titles 20

 Displaying disc titles 21

Using CD TEXT functions 21

 Displaying titles on CD TEXT

discs 22

 Scrolling titles in the display 22

MP3/WMA/WAV Player
Playing MP3/WMA/WAV 23
Introduction of advanced built-in CD player

(MP3/WMA/WAV) operation 24

Repeating play 24
Playing tracks in a random order 24
Scanning folders and tracks 24
Pausing MP3/WMA/WAV playback 25
Selecting folders from the folder title list 25
Using compression and BMX 25
Selecting the search method 25
Searching every 10 tracks in the current

folder 26

Displaying text information on MP3/WMA/

WAV disc 26