Inserting an optional card – Panasonic AW-PB605P Manuel d'utilisation

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Inserting an optional card

(The installation work must be performed by your dealer without fail.)

The AW-PB605 video board comes with a slot into which an optional card (optional
accessory) for additional functions can be inserted.


RGB card (AW-PB302)


SDI card (AW-PB304)


SVGA convert card (AW-PB307)


Web card (AW-PB309)

1. Remove the two screws, followed by the blank panel.

2. Align the optional card with the guides and insert it. Push it in all the way.

3. Attach the card securely using the two screws.

To remove the optional card, insert a flat-head screwdriver or similar tool as shown in the
figure on the right, and pull out the card in the direction shown by the arrow.

Before inserting an optional card


Set the power switches of all components to the OFF position, and disconnect the
power cords from the power outlets.


Release the static carried in the body of the person to perform the installation.
Installation can be performed more safely if an anti-static wrist strap is worn.
Touching the card without first releasing this static may cause malfunctioning.


Do not allow the metal part of the card come in contact with any other metal parts.