Precautions – Sony SA-VE315 Manuel d'utilisation

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If you encounter color irregularity on a
nearby TV screen

This speaker system is magnetically shielded to
allow it to be installed near a TV set. However,
color irregularities may still be observed on certain
types of TV sets.

If color irregularity is observed...

c Turn off the TV set once, then turn it on again

after 15 to 30 minutes.

If color irregularity is observed again...

c Place the speakers further away from the TV


If howling occurs

Reposition the speakers or turn down the volume
on the amplifier.

On placement

• Do not set the speakers in an inclined position.
• Do not place the speakers in locations that are:

— Extremely hot or cold
— Dusty or dirty
— Very humid
— Subject to vibrations
— Subject to direct sunlight

On cleaning

Clean the speaker cabinets with a soft cloth lightly
moistened with a mild detergent solution or water.
Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring
powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine.

If you have any questions or problems concerning
your speaker system, please consult your nearest
Sony dealer.


On safety

• Before operating the system, be sure that the

operating voltage of the system is identical with
that of your local power supply.

• The unit is not disconnected from the AC power

source (mains) as long as it is connected to the
wall outlet, even if the unit itself has been turned

• Unplug the system from the wall outlet if it is not

to be used for an extended period of time. To
disconnect the cord, pull the cord by grasping the
plug. Never pull the cord itself.

• Should any liquid or solid object fall into the

system, unplug the system’s power cord and have
the system checked by qualified personnel before
operating it any further.

• AC power cord must be changed only at the

qualified service shop.

On operation

• Do not drive the speaker system with a

continuous wattage exceeding the maximum
input power of the system.

• If the polarity of the speaker connections are not

correct, the bass tones will be weak and the
position of the various instruments obscure.

• Contact between bare speaker wires at the speaker

terminals may result in a short-circuit.

• Before connecting, turn off the amplifier to avoid

damaging the speaker system.

• The speaker grille cannot be removed. Do not

attempt to remove the grille on the speaker
system. If you try to remove it, you may damage
the speaker.