How to use – Panasonic EV2610K Manuel d'utilisation

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® Vents

® Point head extension button

(2; one on each side)

® Point head

0 Chop head

® Massage selection button

® Tapping rate adjustment button

® Grip

® Power switch

® Power plug

® Power cord

® Hanging loop




How to Use

• During use, electrical interference may occur on TVs, etc.
• The point head can be used if desired after referring to Page 4.


1. Switch it on, setting the desired strength.

Plug in the power plug and set the power switch to either of the ON


• Set the power switch to Strong or Gentle according to your

: IMflA


’ UHUT ■ It is recommended that you use the Gentle setting until you are


used to the massager.

I »Be sure to read the section "For a pleasant massage" on Page 4.

2. Press the button to select the desired operation.

* When the power is first switched on, the Shoulder program will be


Automatic program:

A program which combines 'Tapping

alternatively with both hands open",
"Tapping together with both hands open",
"Tapping with both hands clenched
together'’, "Fists", "Pulse", "Wave", and
"Vibrating" actions.

Shoulder program:

A program which provides strong

stimulation concentrated on tapping action
to loosen stubborn stiff shoulders.

Neck tendon program: A program which provides a comfortable

massage with gentle stimulus
concentrated on vibration action.

Desired program:

The selected program will change each time the button is pressed.

3. Adjust the speed.

Press the button to adjust the speed.

* When the power is first switched on. Slow will be selected.

4. Switch off the power.

After use, set the power switch to Off.

• The massager is automatically stopped approximately 15 minutes

after the power is switched on.

• After use, be sure to unplug the power plug from the AC outlet.
• When carrying the massager, be sure to hold it by the grip. Never

carry it by the power cord.