Panasonic WV-CP234 Manuel d'utilisation

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® Auto Iris Lens Connector

Supplies power and control signals to an auto

iris lens (not supplied).

(D Flange'back Adjusting Ring

This ring adjusts the back-focal distance or

picture focus. Rotate this ring clockwise tor a
C-mount lens or counterclockwise for a CS-
mount lens.

(D Lens (option)

® Camera Mounting Screw Hole

This hole is for mounting the camera onto a
mounting bracket. The camera is originally

designed to be mounted from the bottom, but
a top-mounting type is also available. To
mount from the top, remove the mount
adapter from the bottom of the camera by
removing two fixing screws. Attach the mount
adapter to the top as shown in the diagram,
then mount the camera on the mounting
bracket. Make sure that two original screws
are used when mounting the mount adapter;
longer type screws may damage inner com­

(D Power Cord (only WV-CP230)

Connect this power cord to an electrical out­
let of 120 VAC 60 Hz,

CD DC 12 V Input Terminal

(DC 12V IN (only WV-CP232))

This terminal is for connecting the 12 V DC

power supply cord,

@ AC 24 V Input Terminal

(AC 24V IN (only WV-CP234))

This terminal is for connecting the 24 V AC
60Hz power supply cord.

(D Synchronization Mode Selector

(INT, LL (only WV-CP230 and WV-CP234))

Selects the camera synchronization mode
from internal sync mode (INT) or line-lock
mode (LL),
INT; Sets to internal 2:1 interlace.
LL: Sets to Line-lock mode.

(9) Automatic Light Control/Electronic Light

Control Selector (ALC , ELC)

Lets you select the mode according to the
lens type that is used with this camera,

ALC: Select this mode when an auto iris lens

(ALC lens) is used with this camera.

ELC: Select this mode when a fixed iris lens

or manual iris lens is used with this cam­

# Detail/Aperture Level Selector

The detail/aperture level can be selected with

this selector. Set it to the desired position

while observing the picture on the monitor.
SHARP: Normal position.
SOFT: Select this position when a Quad

System is connected to this camera.

(0) Back Light Compensation Mode Selector


Lets you select the mode according to the

position of the object and light conditions on
the screen.
ON: Select this mode when a strong light

such as a spotlight is in the background,

OFF: Normal picture.


Lens Drive Signal Selector (VIDEO, DC)

Lets you select the mode according to the

type of auto iris lens drive signal to be sup­

plied to the lens from the auto iris lens con­
VIDEO: Select this mode if you are using a

auto iris lens that requires a video drive

DC: Select this mode if you are using a auto

iris lens that requires a DC drive signal.

® Video Output Connector (VIDEO OUT)

This connector is for connecting with the

VIDEO IN connector of the video monitor.
Whenever the multiplexed vertical drive (VD2)

signal is supplied to this connector, the cam­

era synchronization mode is automatically set

to Vertical Drive,


* Connect to 12 V DC (10.5 V-16 V) or 24 V

AC (19.5 V-28 V) class 2 power supply only.

Make sure to connect the grounding lead to
the GND terminal when the power is sup­
plied from a 24 V AC power source.

• To prevent fire or electric shock hazard, UL

listed wire VW-1, style 1007 should be used

for the DC 12 V or AC 24 V Input Terminal.

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