Sony DPP-EX50 Manuel d'utilisation

How to attach the clamp filter

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How to attach the clamp filter

(On connecting a PictBridge-compliant digital camera, page 82,
Operating Instructions)

If the USB cable supplied with your PictBridge-compliant digital camera is not
equipped with ferrite cores, be sure to attach the supplied clamp filter for noise
prevention as illustrated below before using the unit. To conform to radiation
standards, you must attach ferrite cores to one end of the USB cable. If no ferrite
cores are attached, other devices may be affected by radiation noise.


Release the lock of the clamp

filter with a screwdriver or a
similar tool.


Wind the cable into the clamp

filter one time.


Close the clamp filter.

Attach the clamp filter as close to
the plug as possible (within 10 cm
(4 inches)) that is connected to the
printer’s USB connector.

Within 10 cm

(4 inches)