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Planned software update for 3d

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BDP-S470/S570/BX57 4-185-496-11(1)

Planned software update for 3D

Later this year, Sony plans to issue a software update for this Blu-ray Disc™ player which will allow the product to playback

3D Blu-ray Disc titles.

This enhancement will be delivered automatically and without charge to your player over the internet through Sony’s

network download service.

After the update, you can enjoy 3D contents and services while you are playing a 3D capable disc, but please note:

To experience 3D content a 3D ready HDTV, 3D glasses and emitter are also required, together with the appropriate 3D


Any standard Blu-ray Disc titles will continue to playback normally on this device following the update.

If you do not wish to connect your player to the internet, you can still update the software following the instructions at the

below web address.

For further information about product updates please visit:


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