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Quickstart guide, Getting started, General controls

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Getting started

1. Connect your player to your computer.

• The RCA easyRip™ Media Software installer (stored in the player*) will launch automatically.

Click NEXT to begin the installation and follow the instructions to install the software on
your PC.

• RCA easyRip is currently not compatible with DRM fi les and Audiobooks.
• If the installer does not auto-launch, locate and right-click the associated drive letter (i.e.

JET) to show the option menu and select the “Install RCA easyRip™” option.

• The player charges automatically every time you connect it to your computer.

It should be charged for at least 3 hours before using for the fi rst time.

v1.0 (EN/F)

General controls

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SC21 series


Congratulations on purchasing your new RCA Player.

Please read these instructions for quick tips on using the player.


Press at the playback (Now Playing) screen,
press again to resume

Press + or during playback


Press within the beginning 4 seconds of the
current audio fi le

Press and hold or during playback

Press MENU


While the stopwatch is running, press + to start
timing a new lap

After stopping the stopwatch, press –

Refer to page 15-18 of the user manual

Press and hold MENU for more than 10
seconds to reset the player

Play an audio fi le

Pause playback and show the Option menu

Adjust the volume

Skip to the next fi le (or section of

Skip to the previous fi le (or section of

Reverse or fast forward an audio fi le

Go to the Home menu (to access Music, Radio,
Audiobooks, Favorites, Fitness, Stopwatch and

Start or stop the stopwatch

Use multiple lap timing

Reset the stopwatch

Delete fi les from the player

Reset the player (if it is not responding)

* Refer to the user manual for information on section skipping for audiobooks.

For information on new and upcoming products and to register your new player,
visit www.rcaaudiovideo.com.

Learn more about the player

To view the user manual directly from the player:

Step 1: Click Start.

Step 2: Click My Computer (XP users) / Click Computer (Vista users).

Step 3: Righ-click the associated drive letter (i.e. JET) to show the option menu.

Step 4: From the option menu, select the user manual in your preferred language for
more information on the player’s features, safety and warranty information, and answers
to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

To view the user manual on your PC:

If opted-in during installation, the user manual will also be available by clicking on the
Start menu (

in XP or

in Vista ), clicking on All Programs, clicking on the RCA

directory, and then clicking on the appropriate manual.

Keep player out of direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat (such

as inside a parked car) may cause damage or malfunction.

Need more help?

Do not return this product to the store.

Visit www.rcaaudiovideo.com for the latest fi rmware, RCA easyRip Media Software, user
manual and FAQ’s.


Scroll up/
increase volume

Skip forward/
fast forward/
menu advance

lock controls

Scroll down/
decrease volume

Power on/off /


USB jack

Earphone jack

Skip back/

reverse/menu back

Turn the player on/off

Lock or unlock the keys

Navigate to an audio fi le

Press and hold MENU

Press and hold

In the Home menu, press or to go back or
advance in the player menu and press + or to
scroll up or down to the desired fi le




a) RCA easyRip: Helps to rip CD’s, create playlists, load content and manage your library with

an intuitive and modular design. Click the easyRip icon (

) on your PC desktop to launch

the software.

For details in using RCA easyRip, click the Help icon (

) on the module dock.

b) Windows Explorer: drag-and-drop audio fi les to the

Internal Storage folder (Windows Vista™) or the Music folder
(Windows® XP) of the player.

2. Transfer audio fi les to your player with either of the two methods below:

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

The player

USB cable

* The latest software can be downloaded from www.rcaaudiovideo.com.

USB port on your PC

• The player is also compatible with most PC music management software.
Secure music transfer requirements: to enable function of transferring subscription

music content to the player, please select MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode under
Protocol in the player’s Settings menu (refer to page 24

of the user manual).

3. Disconnect the player from the computer and enjoy media on the go.





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