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Page 6: Cleaning the speaker

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14 Attach the butyl rubber tapes on the inside of the

15 Attach the grille to the speaker.
The grille is designed with a specific mounting
orientation. Gently push the grille onto the speaker, lining
up the corners of the grille to the grooves in the speaker.
Then line up the entire grille to the grooves in the speaker
and attach the grille by pressing in on the edges.

• Once you have pushed it in, make sure you press it

firmly against the speaker so that the grille doesn’t
fall off and cause an accident.

• To remove the grille, use the supplied tool to hook

into the holes located near the corners and pull the
grille out. When doing this, make sure to pull all four
corners out evenly. Forcing the grille out from one
corner alone will cause the grille to be deformed.


Connecting to an amplifier

Make sure you have read the connection instructions in
the manual supplied with the amplifier and that all
equipment is turned off before making any connections.

• When using a set of speakers connected to an

amplifier, you won’t be able to obtain the correct
stereo effect if the polarity (+, –) of one of the
speakers (left or right) is reversed.

Additional Information

Cleaning the speaker

Use a dust brush to wipe off dust and dirt.

Never use furniture wax, cleaners, thinners, benzine,
insecticide sprays or other chemicals on or near the
speakers, since these will corrode the surfaces.

Attach the eight butyl rubber tapes to each
grille, lining up the butyl rubber tapes to
the marks on the inside of the grille.
Then peel off the protective paper.

Make sure to press on the edges.
Pressing on the middle of the
grille will cause it to be deformed.

Orientate the grille so that the
edge marked in red is located
at the top of the speaker. 6 ページ 2008年8月8日 金曜日 午後3時5分